Camp Rules and Policies

ATTENDANCE POLICY:  Our HEB Camp is classified as a Family Camp by the State of Texas. In order to keep this status ALL children 18 and under must have a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN in camp with them at all times. To clarify this means: ONE PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN MUST REMAIN ON CAMP GROUNDS AT ALL TIMES. If one parent is bringing their children they may not leave camp grounds without taking their children with them. Also, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters, or close friends may NOT bring another parent’s child(ren) to HEB Camp.


We want the kids and families to understand what is expected of them BEFORE they come to camp. Once they’re there, it’s a little too late, if they don’t agree to the rules. Our camp is a FAMILY camp and it is PARENT run. As parents we are responsible for our children at all times while they are at camp.


Please encourage your children and teens to leave their electronics at home during HEB camp! If having earbuds in becomes a barrier to communication and participation we will ask them to take them out and leave them in the cabin.

We love the fact that our children can run and play and ride scooters and bikes at camp but they pose a very real danger to everyone if not respected. Scooters, tricycles, are allowed on the sidewalks between the cabins but NOT on the Ranch House porch. There will be parking lots for scooters. Bikes are NOT allowed on the sidewalks. However, they are allowed on the roads around camp and on the grass behind the cabins.

For the most part we sleep in cabins by family. There are a few exceptions due to necessity.  As parents you are responsible for who does or does not enter your cabin. For the safety of everyone please help enforce this important rule: Girls and boys do NOT enter the cabin of the opposite gender unless parents  have given permission and are present to supervise. Parents you are responsible for your children!

It is expected that all teens and tweens will remain in groups of at least three when hanging out at camp. Never at any time should there be boys and girls coupling up and leaving the group. As parents we are responsible for our children’s behavior. That being said if anyone sees what they deem as inappropriate behavior please speak directly to that child’s parent. If the situation does not resolve then please speak to the camp director.

Please do not allow your children, of any age, to dress immodestly at camp. This means following the standards that are found in the For Strength of Youth Pamphlet. All girl bathing suits must be modestly cut and cover the midriff. When walking to and from the water front to swim please wear a bathing suit cover up, this includes the boys and young men. Young women and young men should wear shirts with sleeves at all times except when in the water. Shorts and shirts should be of modest length for both boys and girls.

Please mark ALL toys and equipment with your family name. Also, please speak to your children about not taking the belongings of others without permission.

For the safety of our children please help encourage all the kids to speak to and respond respectfully to all adults. If an adult sees a child in a potentially dangerous situation please stop the child! All children should listen and respond to all adults especially when it comes to safety.  Please review this with your teens as well as the Safety and Behavior and Youth Behavior Agreement forms.

Safety and Behavior

Youth Behavior Agreement

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