Safety and Behavior

Coming to Home School Family Camp is a wonderful experience, but it requires that all campers be willing to abide by certain rules of SAFETY and BEHAVIOR in order for everyone to get along and have a great experience.

1. Parents, keep your non-swimming children away from the waterfront unless you are next to them supervising! There is no way to describe the tragedy that would result if even one child fell into the river and was lost.

2. Parents you will be given the opportunity at check-in to vouch for your children’s swimming ability. If YOU feel that they are proficient swimmers you will be given a wrist band for that child to wear for the duration of camp. NO unattended child under the age of 18 will allowed by the water front without this wrist band. If you are not certain of your child’s swimming ability a lifeguard will perform a quick swim test on your child during free swim time.

3. Make sure that your children are wearing shoes or sandals at all time. HEB Foundation asks that we do not allow campers to go bare-foot. There are scorpions, fire ants, poisonous plants and many other dangers that can cause pain and injury if shoes aren’t worn.

4. We ask that you make sure that your family members participate in all ways to help make this camp fun and safe. If you have an assignment, we expect your whole family to be there and stay until the job is completely finished. Please help wherever you see the need to help, even if you don’t have an assignment.

5. NO children or youth are allowed in the kitchen without adult supervision. The kitchen contains an industrial size walk-in refrigerator and freezer. They do not lock, however, there is a strong suction seal on both that small children may not be able to open from the inside. PLEASE supervise your young children to keep them safe.

6. We ask that your family do everything they can to keep the camp clean. That includes no littering and NEVER taking cups, glasses, plates or utensils out of the ranch house. Cabins should be kept clean at all times.

7. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. If you see something that you think is inappropriate please go straight to the parent. Only if the situation does not resolve should you come to the camp director.

8. iPods and other electronic devices should be left at home. If they are brought to camp and become a barrier to communication or participation the parent will be asked to take them.

9. Children and youth must listen, respect and follow the directions of all adults.

10. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED AT CAMP – EVER! (With the exception of service animals)

11. Swimming and waterfront activities will only be allowed under the supervision of a certified lifeguard.

12. Dress must be modest at all times. All swimsuits will be modest, and everyone needs to wear a cover-up or shirt to and from swimming. Tattoos, body piercing (other than earrings) should be kept covered at all times. No mid-rift or sleeveless shirts are allowed. We follow the standards found in the For The Strength of Youth.

13. All personal items of value are brought to camp at your own risk. LDS-TEACH and its leaders take no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property.

14. Campers should not enter the cabins of members of the opposite sex in which they are not staying AT ANY TIME.

15. No smoking, alcohol, tea or coffee are allowed.

16. When camp is over, everyone must leave the campgrounds. No one is allowed to stay on the HEB Foundation property once camp is over!

Print off, sign and send in the following after reviewing the above with your children.
Safety & Behavior Consent Form


You can send in an electronic consent to this document by submitting the following form.

Safety & Behavior Consent Form

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