Youth Behavior Agreement

Youth Behavior Agreement
Coming to H.E.B. Family Camp is a wonderful experience, but it requires that all campers be willing to abide by certain rules of SAFETY and BEHAVIOR in order for everyone to get along and have a great experience.
You are expected to obey all rules and standards of safety and good behavior in order to attend H.E.B. Family camp.
1. There will be NO tolerance for swearing, crude or sexual discussions of ANY kind!!
2. You are NEVER to be in a cabin of the opposite sex. You are not to leave your cabin at night.
3. Youth should not pair up with members of the opposite sex at camp. Stay with the group at all times.
4. Electronics, phones, iPods etc... should be left at home. If having these possessions becomes a barrier between you and other campers or activities your parents will asked to take them from you. Remember, you come to camp to be with old friends and to make new friends.
5. Everyone, male and female, is to dress modestly at all times at camp. You must cover up your modest swimsuit, as soon as you leave the waterfront. All shirts should have sleeves, modest necklines, and completely cover the belly. Shorts should come almost to the knees. Boys should wear shirts at all times when not swimming.
6. Youth are expected to refrain from demonstrations of affection. That means there will be NO hand holding, kissing, romantic hugging, caressing, sitting on laps, hanging on each other or anything else that makes you appear to be a couple. No matter what your family’s standards may be at home, you are expected to follow these strict standards at camp.
7. All youth are to stay OUT of the food in the refrigerators, freezers and pantry, unless you are given specific permission to do so by Sister Lyman or Sister Reyes.
8. Please remember that the parents at H.E.B. Camp are the staff, without them there would be NO camp. With that in mind ALL adult leaders will be treated with respect and obeyed.
9. Youth are expected to help the camp by setting up and taking down tables and chairs each day. Please be the type of youth who willingly serves, instead of leaving the work for others. If everyone helps, the job gets done quickly, leaving time for a lot of outside fun.
10. Pranks should be avoided. The only exception would be harmless, fun pranks that have the approval of two parents who are willing to be there with you while the prank is being done and are willing to be responsible for it.
11. In all ways you are to behave as Latter-day Saint Young Women and Priesthood Holders!
We love the youth at HEB Camp. You are the reason we make this camp possible! That being said, we are very serious about the rules and will not allow one or two in the group ruin the experience for others. Please remember that you will be held accountable for your behavior.
PLEASE READ THIS PAGE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND HAVE EACH OF YOUR YOUTH SIGN AND SUBMIT THE AGREEMENT. PARENTS: We are just simply not equipped to handle behavior problems at camp. So, please have all youth in your household age 11 or older sign below indicating that they understand the rules, and that they understand that if they disobey any of these rules, your family will be asked to leave camp and receive no refunds.

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