Teen Conference Standards and Rules

1. All participants are expected to abide by the high standards of dress and behavior as discussed in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. (If you do not have a copy, let us know and we will provide one or click on the link.) The underlying principles are modesty and good taste.

2. Please, no tight, revealing or too-short apparel.

3. No gang related apparel or behavior. It is expected that each youth will respect the buildings and facilities at all times.

4. Everyone is expected to participate and stay on the grounds.

5. There will be no drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee or tea at the Conference.

6. There will be no tolerance for swearing, vulgar language or profanity.

7. There will be no tolerance for pranks, disrespect for leaders or fighting.

8. Young men and young women must NEVER enter the cabins of the opposite gender.

9. There will be NO pairing off, hand holding, or PDA.

10. Always be in groups of three or more, SAFETY FIRST.

11. Please be responsible for the use of electronics, e.g. cell phones, MP3 players, etc. They are to be left in your car or cabin at your own risk. If electronics become a distraction, they may be confiscated and returned at the conclusion of the conference.

12. All youth who drive a vehicle to Teen Conference will be expected to relinquish their car keys to a responsible adult upon entering the camp property. Car keys will be returned at the end of camp or if a need arises.

If any of the rules or expectations are not honored by the conference participants, we will not hesitate to send participants home (at their own cost) instead of jeopardizing the experience for others who have come to enjoy an uplifting event.

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