What To Bring To HEB Camp

____First aid kit for your family

____Clothes: shirts, jeans, knee-length shorts




____Sturdy shoes for hikes

____Modest Swimsuits and cover ups

____Life jackets/floaties


____Body wash/soap


____Hand soap/Hand sanitizer


____Any other toiletries

____Bath towels, hand towels, beach towels


____Bath mats

____Area rugs

____Sheets/blankets for twin mattresses or sleeping bags



____Extension cords

____Scriptures (especially seminary students)


____Water and sand toys

____Hairnets for kitchen assignment (You can find these by the brushes and bobby pins at your local super center or at a beauty supply store.)

____Mops and brooms are nice to have so you don’t have to get them from Ranch House

____Cleaning products for your cabin: floors, beds, sinks, mirrors, toilets, showers, etc.

____Trash bags

____Insect repellent


____Toilet brushes are sometimes there, sometimes not.


____Reading lamps

____Lawn chairs

____Walkie Talkies

____Alarm clocks

____Phone cards for the pay phone. There is no cell phone service

____Toilet paper for your cabin. Please leave a roll in each of the Ranch House bathrooms

____Rain gear, boots, umbrellas

You are encouraged to bring your own refillable water bottles. You are not allowed to take cups out of the dining room, so if you want water, you need to have your own bottles.

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